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Planning a funeral ceremony
The organization of the ceremony is tailored to the wishes and capabilities of the bereaved. We assist in selecting transportation, coffins, and venues. We provide hosts for funeral ceremonies and representatives from various religious denominations. The ceremony is available in Latvian and Russian languages. Musical accompaniment options include organ, violin, saxophone, and accordion.
Organization of cremation
We specialize in organizing cremation services, providing compassionate support and guidance throughout the process. Preparation of Supporting Documents. Booking of Date and Time. Preparation and Transportation of the Deceased to the Crematorium's Farewell Hall or the Cremation Site.
Death documentation processing
We offer comprehensive assistance in preparing all necessary documents related to funerals, including applications for cremation.
Morgue Services
In our morgue facilities, we offer a range of services to ensure that your loved one is respectfully prepared for the funeral procession. Preparation of the Deceased in the Morgue Before the Funeral Procession: Sanitization, Dressing, Makeup, Embalming
Grave digging
We fully prepare the gravesite on the day of the funeral. Our pallbearers will carry and arrange the casket, ensuring the gravesite is properly tended to. Upon request, we can adorn the gravesite with flowers.
* All prices are with VAT
Transportation of the deceased within Latvia
0,70 €/km
from 230 EUR
GRAVE Crosses
from 36
Plaques for Crosses
from 22
COVERINGS, blankets
from 22

Funeral speech

from 85
Accompanying music
from 85
Morgue services (storage)
12 €/day
Wreaths and flowers
from 70
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Fill out the request form and our specialist will contact you
We provide professional assistance, listening to your wishes and capabilities, offering necessary support, and sharing our expertise so you can make important decisions during this challenging time.
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