Funeral arrangements
The organisation of a ceremony is based on the wishes and possibilities of loved ones. choice of transport, casket, and location. Leaders of the funeral ceremony—executors and representatives of religious denominations The ceremony is possible in Latvian and Russian. Musical accompaniment options include organ, violin, saxophone, and accordion.

Cremation arrangements

Completion of related documents. Date and time reservations. Preparation and transportation of the deceased to the funeral hall of the crematorium or the cremation place

Drafting of documents
Preparation of documents related to the funeral; preparation of the cremation application.

  • Grave digging

Graveyard preparation in full. Pallbearers will form a graveside service after the procession. Flower arrangements are possible with prior agreement.

  • Mortuary services

Maintenance of the deceased in the mortuary until the funeral procession: sanitary treatment, dressing, make-up, embalming

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    Service Price List

          • Transportation of the deceased within Latvia – 0.70 EUR/km
          • Coffins – from 230 EUR Crosses – from 36 EUR
          • Cross plate – 18 EUR
          • Coverings, drapes – from 22 EUR
          • Funeral speech – from 85 EUR
          • Accompanying music – from 85 EUR
          • Morgue services (storage) – 12 EUR/day
          • Wreaths, bouquets – from 70 EUR

    *Prices are listed with VAT.

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